Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

TCS allows enterprises and service providers to build highly scalable DTMF and speech-enabled IVR solutions that can be quickly deployed and are compatible with exiting VoIP services, call center, and IP PBX infrastructures. With TCS, your development team can rapidly build a customized IVR solution to your exact market requirements while focusing on the intent of the application. TCS will manage all the underlying complexity.


TCS is controlled by scripts written in a proprietary XML-based language (CSXML) or in industry standard VoiceXML 2.1. These scripts can be generated by applications running on Web servers, allowing your web development team to use the application servers of their choice to develop conferencing applications to your requirements. The CSXML scripting language is ideally suited for the AJAX programming model, enabling higher application performance by using static scripts with dynamic data.

Sample Current Customers

Customer 'A' integrated TCS with trouble ticket system and uses the system to deliver outbound audio trouble system notifications.

Customer 'B' is a political polling company, which uses TCS to conduct surveys during election campaigns.

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