Call Center

TCS unique combination of call processing and IVR features allows it to be used to create innovative call center solutions that can be quickly deployed and are compatible with exiting VoIP services, phones, and IP PBX infrastructure. With TCS, your development team can rapidly build a call center solution to your exact market requirements while focusing on the intent of the application. TCS will manage all the underlying complexity.

Flexible Call Control

TCS offers flexible call control functionality which allows implementation of complex call scenarios, such as consultation and blind transfers, park, pick up, call monitoring, training, and all other features needed to implement ACD or PBX functionality. Integrated back-to-back SIP user agent (B2BUA) enables developers to implement advanced call control scenarios without dealing with individual SIP messages.

Sample Current Customers

Customer 'A' is a financial services company using TCS for automated debt collection. Using IVR, conferencing, and the TCS web API, its programmers quickly developed an application to call consumers, play various informational messages, collect input from the consumer, and conference a 'live' agent onto the call. The customer is currently making 500,000 outbound calls a night.

Customer 'B' is a Political Call Center which used TCS to create an outbound predictive dialer for an election campaign. TCS was used to place outbound calls based on the number of available agents and to bridge connected calls to agents running VoIP soft-phones.

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