The Telurix Communications Server (TCS) is the industry's most flexible, scalable, and cost-effective SIP-based VoIP HD Audio conferencing platform, supporting G.722, AMR-WB, and SILK codecs. TCS is a software-only solution that runs on low cost, off-the-shelf Intel-based servers. It offers communication service providers and application developers an impressive amount of functionality at an unprecedented price / performance ratio.

TCS is a feature-complete SIP signaling, media processing, and web application server. TCS implements call routing, IVR, bridging, conferencing, and transfer functionality — all in a single application suite. TCS integrates with Web-based and SOAP infrastructures, acting as both an HTTP server and an HTTP client.

With TCS, your development team can rapidly build a customized conferencing solution to your exact market requirements while focusing on the intent of the application. TCS will manage all the underlying complexity.

Feature Complete

TCS incorporates the latest in conferencing feature functionality for standard telephony applications. Classic audio conference features for both participant and host are provided. In addition, the TCS Web API allows classic live management of an in progress conference call.


By scaling across multiple standard servers, TCS is easily expanded to handle thousands of concurrent calls with the addition of the hardware of your choice. A single modern Intel Dual-CPU Xeon based server will support up to 2,000 concurrent VoIP calls.

Each TCS server can provide both signaling and media processing functions, allowing for very flexible deployment scenarios. TCS can be deployed so that all servers are identical and perform the same functions or as a hierarchy, where some TCS servers are responsible for call control and other TCS servers are dedicated to media processing.

TCS supports up to 500 callers in a single conference.

Reference Applications

TCS ships with a standard meet-me audio conferencing application as well as a series of sample 'getting started' applications. The system is designed for customization to your requirements. Whether you are looking for a simple reservation-less conferencing system, sophisticated event management system or specialized conferencing application, TCS can provide the solution.

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